How Can Set Up Surface To a Wireless Network?

  • If you have invested in Surface tab and want to optimize its usage, then you must connect it to a wireless network. A few people face issues while trying to connect their Surface tab to a wireless connection. If you haven’t set up a Set Up Surface To a Wireless Network on your Surface yet, or if you are facing issues with it, then read on to know more about it.


    Set Up Wireless Network On Surface |

    Here are the steps for joining a wireless network from Surface:

    1. Click on the Start button.
    2. After that, tap on Settings.
    3. In the Settings screen, tap on the network option.
    4. Now, you will be able to see which network the device is connected to, along with other available networks.
    5. After that, just select the network you want to connect the device to, from the list.
    6. Now, choose if you want the system to auto-connect every time that connection is in range.

    Set Up Manual Wireless Network On Surface

    1. Go to the home screen of the device.
    2. Now search for View network status in the search bar.
    3. Click on the Settings option.
    4. Below the results for settings, select the View network status and tasks button.
    5. Allow the Network and Sharing Center window to launch.
    6. In the Change your networking settings, click on Set up a new connection or network.

    If your wireless network is not showing up in the list of available networks, then it may be due to security reasons. Here is how you can set up a wireless network on Surface manually,