Forrester 2019 evaluation designates McAfee a top leader in Cybersecurity

  • McAfee Activate, a well-established device-to-cloud internet security firm, remains the most favored among all cybersecurity service providers. McAfee continues to top the market of antivirus solutions in spite of massive competitions and rising waves of latest technologies, as shown in an evaluation conducted by a market research firm “Forrester”.

    McAfee tops the rank in CSG Category

    The categories in which McAfee Activate scored highest of all the participants are IaaS Monitoring, Cloud Malware Detection, Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Application (Shadow IT) Detection, User Activity Monitoring and Scalability, shown in the report published by Forrester Vice President Andres Cser. McAfee also secured the top position in terms of scores for performing impeccably in the strategy category based on different parameters that include Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Platform Monitoring Plans, Cloud Encryption Plans, Cloud Malware Detection Plans , Cloud Data Governance Plans, User Activity Monitoring Plans and Unsanctioned Cloud Apps Plans McAfee a Leader in CyberSecurity.

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