• – The Microsoft Office allows you to create an account to manage all the Microsoft Products including the Office. You can create the Microsoft Account anytime using any computing device including PC, Tablet, and Smartphones. Moreover, you can make payments for your subscription and activate your Microsoft Products.

    Visit and purchase the Office subscription of your choice. Currently, Microsoft offers Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, and Office 365. You can get these versions with the latest from the official website of the Office.

    Steps to Create Microsoft Office Account –

    Let’s start with the steps to create the Microsoft Office Account. You can follow the below-given steps on any of your computer device.

    • Start by launching a web browser on your computer device.
    • Then type “” in the URL section of the browser.
    • Now you will be redirected to the Microsoft Sign in page.
    • Here click on Create New Account button on the screen.
    • To create a new Microsoft Office Account, you need to type a username for the Microsoft.
    • The username should be unique, otherwise, the Microsoft will ask you to enter a new username.
    • After creating a new username, you will be redirected to enter the password for the Outlook Account.
    • The password should be strong and should not contain any obvious terms like your name.
    • After that, enter your full name. Your Microsoft Office Account is created successfully.

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