How To Windows 10 Problem Fix Easy Way

  • Windows 10 is pretty robust when it comes to recovering from problems that might stop it from working properly, but there may come a time when it needs some manual intervention. Microsoft’s latest operating system has a similar set of recovery tools as easier versions for this, but not all work in the way you’d expect and there are some new options at your disposal, too.

    So while we hope you never need any of the advice given here, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with Windows 10’s various recovery options should the need to use one of them ever arise.

    How to do a System Restore on Windows 10

    As with earlier versions of Windows, System Restore allows you to ‘rewind’ your Windows installation to an earlier working state, without affecting your documents. This is possible because Windows automatically saves Restore Points when something significant happens, such as installing a Windows Update or a new application — the idea being that if it goes wrong, you can return to the last Restore Point (or an even earlier one) to turn back time and get things performing as they were previously.

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