I need someone to review my 2019 server setup.

  • Hello!

    Server 2008 R2 on old hardware but good specifications when it was installed.

    The new server is going to be used for a workforce that needs a lot of CPU and RAM to operate.

    Specs for server 2019:

    • Fujitsu Primergy RX1330
    • Intel Xeon 1220v6
    • 16GB RAM
    • 240GB SSD (Enterprise mixed workload-endurance) (Raid1)

    What the server wants to be running:

    • Active directory / AZAD 365 synctool
    • DNS
    • MSSQL (300mb database) Accounting tool which should be closed by the end of 2019 and moved to a SaaS service online
    • File server (just to share a folder a spesific program require, everything else files in SharePoint)
    • Print server
    • Other minor programs used by 1-2 users without heavy requirements for hardware
    • Two backup software running at separate times

    Hyper-v instances on the same server as all systems are small and do not require much processing power or storage. The AD have 60 users but only 20 of these authenticate to AD and the remaining ones are just accessing one program from their handheld devices.

    Hopefully it's enough to have a setup like this, so we do not expect any major increase in employees.




    technical copywriter