How to update your McAfee Windows security software and verify it is up to date

  • To protect your computer from viruses and other threats, your McAfee anti-virus product (such as LiveSafe, or Total Protection) must be kept up to date. This includes:

    -Keeping your virus signatures up to date. Virus signatures let your McAfee software recognize new and existing viruses.

    -Keeping your McAfee software up to date. Your McAfee software is updated periodically to provide you with new features, and fixes to known issues.

    By default, your McAfee product is configured for Automatic Updates. This means that, every day, your software checks to see if:

    -A virus signature update is available. Your software automatically downloads the virus signature update if a new one is available.

    -A software update is available. Your software automatically downloads any new software updates that are available.

    NOTE: These updates are applied automatically without you having to take any action.

    How to check for updates manually -

    You can check for updates manually at any time. If an update is found, it is downloaded and applied.

    -To check for updates, expand the first option below and follow the steps.

    -To check that your software is up to date, expand the second option and follow the steps.

    -Manually check for, and apply updates

    -Verify that your McAfee software is up to date

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