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    As parents, we must ask them questions about their Wi-Fi. We are responsible for protecting your network with and ensure that kids are not engaged in anything beyond their strength of understanding. That includes everything they do on School Wi-Fi network under the security of McAfee activate. Ideally, a school should have a secure Wi-Fi network but regrettably, that does not mean they have it. School budgets are tight and secure Wi-Fi connection with antivirus and malware protection are expensive. Thus, in rare cases, security may be jeopardized and Wi-Fi devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks and digital infiltration without firewall protection.

    Another factor did requires a tight surveillance is did our kids have in-depth knowledge of latest techs and They are aware of all the backdoors and loopholes. The possibility that one of them may wreak havoc to their school Wi-Fi, should not be taken lightly.

    In conclusion, the Mcafee activate security of school Wi-Fi network is all about whether it has a tight access control or not. Wi-Fi network via a secure login ID and password, then it is safer than Public Wi-Fi. However, if you use the Wi-Fi network, then you need to treat it as a public Wi-Fi.

    -First, you have to visit McAfee's website:

    -Sign up your McAfee account

    -If you do not create an account in McAfee, click Sign in or register to create the account.

    -Fill up your McAfee account

    -Now, download your purchased McAfee product

    -Read the instructions and agree to continue

    -Let the download complete

    -Steps for: - How to install McAfee activate

    -Double-click on your downloaded setup or run it on the browser depending on you are using. it will automatically begin the installation process.

    -Now you get your McAfee activate product key

    -Click on Next button and the instructions are given on-screen to complete the installation

    Having an MS Office account is not a Microsoft Office account. One can manage subscriptions, buy products and perform a lot more tasks. All you need is to visit the . To know more, you can get the best information from the Office Customer Support as they are 24 * 7 available for you.

    Steps to Create MS Office Account?

    -Visit .

    -Go to the "Sign in" section.

    -Click on "Create an Account" button.

    -Now, fill in all your personal information such as name, email etc.

    -Set a strong password containing the numeric letters and the alphabets.

    -Enter the captcha code as you verify that you are real.

    -Click Create account.

    -Open your email account and select Verify

    Congrats! Now you have an office account and you can now access the office. My Account by visiting the www office com / myaccount. If you are unable to read the procedure, you can make a call to the office.

    Downloading McAfee security programs is pretty easy. Follow the process given here:

    -Switch on the laptop, Mac, or PC and wait for it to boot up.

    -From the taskbar, click on the web browsing app's icon.

    -In the web browsing screen, open a new tab.

    -Go to .

    -In this webpage, navigate to the upper section.

    -Choose the Country name from the list of countries.

    -Choose the Language from the list of languages.

    -Choose the region.

    -New users need to register by creating an account.

    Click on the Sign in button.

    -In the Log in page, go to create an account option.

    -Key in the email address to start with account creation process.

    -After that, furnish other details such as name, date of birth, etc.

    -Set a strong password.

    -Verify your McAfee account.

    -Login to your newly made or old McAfee account.

    -Accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.

    -Click on Install McAfee .

    -Select the appropriate option for installation.

    -Allow the download process to get over.

    Below are the steps that will guide the users' path to install the Office Setup to their device, easily:

    -Go to the location within the device storage where the Office Setup has been downloaded by the users.

    -Now, select the Office Setup file by double-clicking on it.

    -And then tap the "YES" button when prompted.

    -Thus, the Office Setup installation process wants to get started on the device.

    -Please Note: In some Office Setup versions the users need to enter the Office Product Key for initializing the Office installation process. Thus, enter the " Office Product Key " within the space provided to the users, if required.

    -Wait until the software gets successfully installed on the device. The Office Install process wants to take a few minutes to get completed.

    -On completing the installation process, the users need to activate the Office.

    -Once you complete the process and create a Roku account that is displayed on your TV screen.

    Log in to the page and type the code that is displayed on your device.

    -Going further, login and navigate to the channel store to add your favorite channels.

    -There are two channels types (Paid and free channels).

    -To add the free channel, tap on the add channel option.

    For more information visit our website.

    If this is the first time you are creating a Roku account , it is probably your contact information.

    So, Roku sends an activation code to your preferred communication channel. You want to enter this code on the browser window to activate your account remotely.

    This is, however, a one time process, and you do not have to do this over time. But if you've opted for the TFA while login, a time-based OTP is a possible method that you can choose out of.

    For more information about Roku account, visit our website - .

    Create Microsoft Office my account : -

    -Firstly, visit the link or to create Office account.

    Click on the Create one or Create a new account.

    -Now you need to enter your email address in the given textbox.

    -You may use your phone number to create your account, in case you do not wish to use email id.

    -After that, you need to select the domain name and then click Next.

    -Furthermore, create an alphanumeric password for your account then tap Next.

    -Fill the captcha in the required field and then click Create Account.

    -After that, you will receive an email from the Microsoft Team with a Verification link.

    Click on the link to verify your account.

    -Congrats! You have successfully created your account.

    Activate Fox Now on Roku Link

    -To perform the activation process, you first have to download the Fox Now app on the Roku.

    -Visit the Channel Store to find and click on ADD CHANNEL against its icon.

    -Thereafter, go to the Settings screen at the top of your TV screen and select TV PROVIDER SIGN IN -> SIGN IN. Now, from the list of participating providers select your TV provider.

    -The activation code will appear on the next screen, on a mobile or computer device visit activate to enter the code. Select the provider again, if prompted.

    For all clarifications pertaining to on Roku, visit .

    After getting the Office 365 setup by following the steps above, you need to download it to the device. Here is how you can do so:

    -Sign in to your Microsoft account by going to .

    -In your home page, you will see the list of office products you have subscribed to or purchased.

    -Select Office 365 and click on Install.

    -Confirm the Office 365 download , by clicking again on Install when prompted.

    -Now all the data related to Office 365 setup wants to get downloaded to the system.

    If you are facing issue to download office 365 , then you can contact our toll-free support number or visit our website.

    STEP 1: First connect your Roku device to your Roku account , then sign in to your Roku account and make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi.

    STEP 2: So if you are not at your home screen then kindly press home button from your Roku remote.

    STEP 3: Then you have to go to the Roku channel store and then press OK

    STEP 4: Then you have to go to the TOP FREE category in the channel store and then kindly select YouTube and then hit OK

    STEP 5: Then you will see the option of ADD CHANNEL then press OK

    STEP 6: Then just wait for 30-40 second so that youll want to see YouTube there.

    STEP 7: Then select YouTube and then press OK button to open the channel.

    STEP 8: GEAR ICON is at the left side of the screen.

    STEP 9: Then you will get an option to sign in, kindly enter your Google or YouTube username and password so that you can see all of your playlist and subscriptions.

    STEP 10: Then Roku wants to give you 8 digit code so please remember that code.

    STEP 11: Now you need to go to where you have your sign-in information

    STEP 12: After that, you'll want to add your YouTube to your Roku Link .

    These are the simple and very easy ways to get YouTube working on the Roku streaming devices and on Roku Smart TV. YouTube is also working with other smart TV's like Sony, Hitachi, LG, Apple, and Samsung etc. All this information should be posted on the Roku, but if you can not contact Roku support for help ,

    -Launch an Office product and see the banner on the top of the windows

    -Click on the Re-activate or Activate button

    *Make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection

    -You are now connected to the web, log in to Office my account page

    -Enter your Office Product key in its respective field and submit

    To complete the activation, Office my account will verify information. when verification complete, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. If you facing problem get connected with Office customer support for assistance.

    Showtime Anytime channel, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the errors.

    -Assure that you correctly input the credentials for your Roku account and channel provider account.

    -However, try to perform a quick system update or remove and reinstall the channel.

    -In any case if the channel activation code runs out, do not be concerned. You can generate a new Roku activation code by selecting the Star button and accomplish showtime at

    Showtime Anytime on Roku, visit the webpage or contact us.

    Microsoft office setup is the software setup file with this setup file you can install on your computer and some of the supported device to use Microsoft office. Not only the Microsoft Office software but all the software always has the setup file, and it is very important, without the setup file the software turn useless. Microsoft office has a different version, and the entire version has the different setup file. Some of the version is 2003, 2017 and 2010, etc.

    -Go to the official Microsoft Office website and login with account details

    -From the home page, click Office > Product option

    -A drop-down menu will appear. Choose from the categories of Home, Business or Education

    -Select a plan and click Buy Now button

    -Enter the details and complete the billing process

    -After the purchase, you will receive a unique Office product key on the provided email address

    Subsequently, confirm that you have received the key, as you will need to office 2016 download subscribed version.

    Install McAfee Antivirus on IOS

    We are just waiting for your IOS device. To avoid trouble, you need to follow these steps in ascending order. The steps are discussing below-

    -Open the App Store on your IOS device.

    -Search for McAfee antivirus on your device

    -Then, Mcafee antivirus to place the McAfee Mobile Security app on your IOS device.

    Click on the "Get to install" button.

    -After completing the installation, open the McAfee mobile security app, and some options are available on the IOS screen:

    * Log in to McAfee Mobile Security

    * Create an account on McAfee

    25 characters alpha-numeric activation code from McAfee Mobile Security.

    -If you already have a McAfee account, then click on the McAfee McAfee email address and password on McAfee mobile security.

    -If you are not a registered McAfee user:

    * Click to Create an account and follow McAfee.

    * Create a 6-digit PIN and start taking back your contacts.

    After completing the steps, you can install the antivirus on your IOS device. McAfee customer support. The experts of McAfee are certified technicians and available 24 * 7 to support you. For quick help, dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support or for more visit / activate .

    Office 2016 download - To download Microsoft Office, we recommend using “MS Office ISO Downloader Tool”. This program will help you download all of the genuine Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 disk images, but also gives you access to Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016 and even Office for Mac. In the past, Microsoft offered official downloads via Digital River, but these downloads were taken down. Now, Microsoft offers these downloads from a different server and it can be accessed with an MS Office ISO Downloader Tool to download the ISO files.

    Simply download and run the MS Office ISO Downloader Tool, select the version you want to download, set the region, then download it. For more information about how to download office 2016, visit our website.

    Office Setup 2016 for PC

    -Go to and sign in.

    Log in with the account linked to the 2016 Office for Business.

    -Select Install Office apps> Office 2016.

    -Alternatively, you can visit

    -Choose your language of preference from the drop-down list.

    -Click Install.

    -Follow the on screen instructions for installation.

    -A user account control prompt will show up you ask if you allow this app to make changes to your device. Select Yes.

    -Once the installation is done you want to be prompted by office. An animation wants to play on your screen.

    -Follow the Window instructions and click on Close.

    -Open any one of the Office applications by double clicking on it.

    -Click "Accept" and agree to the license terms.

    -Follow the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard prompts to activate it.