Beiträge von Smithleoo – McAfee offers world-class security solutions to help the consumers and businesses protect their devices from harmful online threats, online frauds, virus attacks, hackers, and Trojan horses. The well-renowned American global computer security software company also provides 24*7 McAfee customer services and customer support to ensure that its products can serve their purpose efficiently.

    Everyone becomes busy in their life and start finding the Facebook Chat notification annoying or they do not have that much time to chat on Facebook. So they can disable the Facebook chat by signing to their Facebook account.

    You can adjust the status of your Facebook chat by clicking on the active or inactive button. In case you are logging to your Facebook or Messenger on any different computer or smartphone, then you have to also disable the Facebook on that system also.

    Steps for Disabling the Facebook Chat on the PC | | | |

    Windows 10 is pretty robust when it comes to recovering from problems that might stop it from working properly, but there may come a time when it needs some manual intervention. Microsoft’s latest operating system has a similar set of recovery tools as easier versions for this, but not all work in the way you’d expect and there are some new options at your disposal, too.

    So while we hope you never need any of the advice given here, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with Windows 10’s various recovery options should the need to use one of them ever arise.

    How to do a System Restore on Windows 10

    As with earlier versions of Windows, System Restore allows you to ‘rewind’ your Windows installation to an earlier working state, without affecting your documents. This is possible because Windows automatically saves Restore Points when something significant happens, such as installing a Windows Update or a new application — the idea being that if it goes wrong, you can return to the last Restore Point (or an even earlier one) to turn back time and get things performing as they were previously.

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    I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. therefore, I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. If you are looking for antivirus security for your PC and any other digital devices than. Visit@: my sites :- | | | | McAfee Retail Card | McAfee MTP Retailcard | McAfee MIS Retailcard. – The Microsoft Office allows you to create an account to manage all the Microsoft Products including the Office. You can create the Microsoft Account anytime using any computing device including PC, Tablet, and Smartphones. Moreover, you can make payments for your subscription and activate your Microsoft Products.

    Visit and purchase the Office subscription of your choice. Currently, Microsoft offers Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, and Office 365. You can get these versions with the latest from the official website of the Office.

    Steps to Create Microsoft Office Account –

    Let’s start with the steps to create the Microsoft Office Account. You can follow the below-given steps on any of your computer device.

    • Start by launching a web browser on your computer device.
    • Then type “” in the URL section of the browser.
    • Now you will be redirected to the Microsoft Sign in page.
    • Here click on Create New Account button on the screen.
    • To create a new Microsoft Office Account, you need to type a username for the Microsoft.
    • The username should be unique, otherwise, the Microsoft will ask you to enter a new username.
    • After creating a new username, you will be redirected to enter the password for the Outlook Account.
    • The password should be strong and should not contain any obvious terms like your name.
    • After that, enter your full name. Your Microsoft Office Account is created successfully.

    Moreover, if you are having trouble related to Office Subscription then you may need a technician. Call the toll-free number of the Office Support and get an on-call technician to help you fix your issues. Our support services are 24/7 available, Call Now.

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    Are you looking to unlock McAfee security on your mobile device? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This article is dedicated to McAfee users having a hard time unlocking their mobile McAfee security . However, this issue can occur for many reasons. You can get technical support by visiting , or go through the article to find out the cause, impact, and solution of the issue.

    McAfee security for your mobile devices

    Problems may vary from the type of McAfee security product to the operating system you are using in your device. After you install McAfee antivirus on your device, you may face this problem, but it may occur for any of the following reasons. McAfee mobile security. Here is a context in which you might have faced issues with your McAfee mobile security.

    How to bypass McAfee security on your mobile phone?

    McAfee Mobile Security offers a web portal , where you can send and receive commands to your device. If you are unable to unlock your device with a correct PIN code, then you can log in to the website and unlock your device. | McAfee com activate | .

    Ms Office Setup is the Office productivity suite that includes various applications, servers and services. The Office Setup are different versions like Office 2013 , Office 2016 , Office 365 and many more.

    MS Office 365

    The best thing about Microsoft Office 365 is updated on a frequent basis. Microsoft Office 365 has real-time co-authoring and users can chat with their colleagues without having to exit or change their office window. OneNote is integrated with Outlook.

    Visit @: - Office setup | | . – McAfee Antivirus one of the most common Antivirus and Security System across the world. It helps most of the users to provide protection from the virus, Trojan, spyware, and many similar threats. If you want to get started with McAfee then you have to go through the steps to Secure your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphones with McAfee Antivirus and follow these to on your respective device.

    McAfee Activate Related Keyword

    This step will also help you to confirm the McAfee license for you. Only then you will use to activate your product later after the installation. You need the product key to activate the McAfee Antivirus. When you redeem the McAfee Retail Card, the gets to know that the McAfee is ready for installation and activation.

    McAfee Retail Card | McAfee MTP Retailcard | McAfee MIS Retailcard | | McAfee Activate.

    Nowadays, employees are heavily depended on a cloud-based network that helps them to increase work productivity. OneDrive for Mac is becoming increasing popular among end users and cloud IT admins for organizations who are using Microsoft Office 365 suite on their Mac.

    OneDrive for Business download – benefits for admins and end users

    • OneDrive for Business sync tool allows end users to operate offline
    • For an incisive view on work productivity.
    • Quickly save attachments to OneDrive for Business
    • You can check available storage space in your OneDrive for Business
    • Enabling and using version control
    • For users who work on SharePoint can configure links to OneDrive for Business
    • Create and host online survey in OneDrive for Business
    • Access files stored in other PCs through OneDrive for Business if you’re signed in your Office account
    • Embed an Office document in a webpage

    OneDrive is a cloud-based network designed by Microsoft to help employees with an Office account provided by the company can save and protect work files to OneDrive for Mac. It allows them to access and share files from anywhere, anytime. Regardless of still being in its infancy stage. More and more users are opting for OneDrive for Business download to stay ahead in the competition.

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    WordArt is the text styling utility that allows you to treat text as a graphic. With this program, you can add special effects and flourishes to text before inserting it in your Word document. It is useful for professionals who want to create special text elements such as logos, mastheads, or titles. Where is the WordArt in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, varies from different versions.

    How to Change the Shape of WordArt?

    After you insert WordArt in Microsoft Word 2013 in your MS Word application, you can alter and modify the shape of it by changing the fancy formatting of your text. Follow the instruction to change the shape:

    1. Click the WordArt you want to change
    2. Make sure the “Drawing Tools Format” button will display on your screen.
    3. You will then see the WordArt gallery
    4. On the “Drawing Tools Format” tab, Click on “Text Effect”>Transform and then select the general appearance or style you want for your text and Click “OK”
    5. Edit WordArt Text Dialog Box will appear on your screen
    6. Enter the text you want to format as per your selected WordArt pattern
    7. Click on “OK”.

    The WordArt in Microsoft Word 2007 graphic will be added to your text document. You can also use the WordArt toolbar to access command specifics and enhance your work with WordArt objects. To hide the toolbar, just click anywhere on your document and the toolbar will disappear from the screen, So that it wasn’t selected.

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    McAfee Activate, a well-established device-to-cloud internet security firm, remains the most favored among all cybersecurity service providers. McAfee continues to top the market of antivirus solutions in spite of massive competitions and rising waves of latest technologies, as shown in an evaluation conducted by a market research firm “Forrester”.

    McAfee tops the rank in CSG Category

    The categories in which McAfee Activate scored highest of all the participants are IaaS Monitoring, Cloud Malware Detection, Sanctioned and Unsanctioned Application (Shadow IT) Detection, User Activity Monitoring and Scalability, shown in the report published by Forrester Vice President Andres Cser. McAfee also secured the top position in terms of scores for performing impeccably in the strategy category based on different parameters that include Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Platform Monitoring Plans, Cloud Encryption Plans, Cloud Malware Detection Plans , Cloud Data Governance Plans, User Activity Monitoring Plans and Unsanctioned Cloud Apps Plans McAfee a Leader in CyberSecurity.

    McAfee Activate | | | Active McAfee

    If you have a McAfee Retail card of McAfee security in your hand and you are looking for the activation of the key then you are at the right place. No matter if you have purchased it from a retail store or from any third party website, you can easily install and activate McAfee Antivirus on your device. All you need is to follow a few of steps and follow 3 easy steps to activate the McAfee in your device. These Retail cards lets you download the latest version of the McAfee security product from the internet rather than getting it from any CD or DVD disk.

    McAfee MTP Retailcard that allows you to download your Total Protection product from the internet instead of installing from a CD. This ensures that the product you install is always the most recent version. If you just purchased your McAfee mtp retailcard from the store and facing an issue with Activation, download or installation then there might be you have some other conflicting software’s installed or maybe you are not following the activation instruction correctly. Also if you have an existing account then login to your account with the same email address that you used to create your account at the first time.

    McAfee MTP/MAV/MLS/MAA/MIS Retail Cards

    By your retail card, you can access to some of the McAfee software which we have listed below. If you wish to activate your McAfee Retail card, then you can visit the following web address and can easily redeem & activate McAfee.

    1. McAfee Total Protection (MTP) -
    2. McAfee AntiVirus Plus (MAV) -
    3. McAfee LiveSafe (MLS) -
    4. McAfee Internet Security Site (MIS) -
    5. McAfee All Access (MAA) -
    6. McAfee Activate -
    7. com/IntelChannel -
    8. com/ActivateDell -
    9. -

    Installation Problem? We have described some troubleshooting tips below that can surely help you to fix the issues

    McAfee Activate | | | McAfee Activate.

    McAfee Activate:- In the current environment of the internet, installing an antivirus program on your computer is virtually required. There is a lot of this at stake; this mere ignorance of users can dangerously harm and damage their valuable assets in the long run. The McAfee antivirus software is the program that keeps your computer protected against most viruses, Trojan, worms, malware and other unnecessary trespassers which can make your computer system sick. Many malicious viruses can completely delete your important files, access your personal data, and use your computer system to attack another computer. You can get the McAfee Antivirus easily, go to

    How to Download McAfee Antivirus?

    For your PC’s protection, downloading McAfee is a fundamental thing to do on your computer. Follow the steps below to download a McAfee product on your PC:

    1. Open the website of McAfee or go to
    2. Tap on the My Account option.
    3. Log in your email address and password of your McAfee my account.
    4. You will need to use the Setup Wizard to keep your device protected.
    5. You have to select the computer are currently using.
    6. Then click on the Download button.
    7. And now your McAfee product has been successfully downloaded in your computer’s download folder.

    How to Install McAfee Setup from the Internet?

    In the absence of an antivirus solution, predators can quickly gain access to steal your valuable data. You must know how to install McAfee antivirus on your computer to protect it from predators. Follow the steps given below to install the McAfee setup on your PC

    McAfee Activate | | |

    How to use McAfee antivirus?

    After entering activation code in you need to activate McAfee on your device. You just need to click on install file and follow the instructions. it will ask you for protection level and set the firewall of your device. for complete protection you need to scan your device so that McAfee antivirus can detect the threats on you device. after complete scanning it will prompt you about detected virus and ask you if it will delete it.

    McAfee activate support

    For activation steps for get online support from McAfee. Today McAfee is essential software of every device be it computer, laptop, tablet or mobile, everyone need this to protect it from internet threats. McAfee antivirus protects your device from virus even which are latest as McAfee itself will provide you with regular updates so that your device will be protected.Though McAfee activate process is very easy and installation process is explanatory in McAfee manual however there are scenarios where a non technical person will stuck because of any issue while installation of McAfee antivirus.Here technical support comes into picture and help at each step from site visit to enter activation code to download software, install it on device and run the application to protect it completely with all kind of settings.Technical support for McAfee can be called any time 24x7 by Email, Chat or Phone call or can visit McAfee activate website@ McAfee Retail Card Activation.

    McAfee activate at is simple through retail-card. In 3 steps you can get started with McAfee security.

    • Enter your activation code.
    • Log in and,
    • Get protected.

    When you go to a retail store or a retail site to buy a McAfee product these days, you are often offered retail cards. Such McAfee retail card allows you to download your security product from the Internet instead of installing it from a CD. The benefit of having a retail card is that you get the most recent version of your product.

    McAfee Activate | | |

    McAfee Activation Keycode refers to the 25-character alpha numeric keycode that allows the users to activate the McAfee product to their device. The redemption of the McAfee Activation Keycode depends upon the mode selected by the users for purchasing the McAfee products. When the users purchase the McAfee product through retail stores, the McAfee License Keycode comes as a retail card being attached at the back of the purchased product called the McAfee Retail Card.

    • Open the web browser to access the McAfee activation page by using the link as
    • Now, on the activation page, a form will be displayed to the users that need to be filled with all the required details.
    • Here, manually select the “Country” and “Language”, as it has been specified on the McAfee Retail Card.
    • And then, enter the “McAfee Activation Keycode” and the “email address” of the users to the corresponding fields.
    • After this, click the “Submit” button.
    • Now, a window will be prompted displayed all the details fed by the users as the summary. Here, ensure that whether the users’ email address is correct or not.
    • If the email address found to be incorrect then, the users can make changes by taping the “Edit” option.
    • At last, click the “Verify” button.
    • Thus, the subscription of the McAfee Activate gets activated.

    How we Support:

    Round the clock support

    Satisfied customer base

    Instant support by certified technicians

    No Charge for 30 Minutes

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    If you’re impressed by now with McAfee MTP Retailcard and wanted to utilize the features by using it for your devices then before going for purchasing, make sure you check on your device as provided in the tips-[IMG:]

    Let’s find out, what is the meaning of McAfee Activate? Any products of McAfee after going through purchasing, downloading and installing in the system, needs to be activated properly. To activate the McAfee product with the system you’re using, you need McAfee license key code, which is written in the back of McAfee Retail Card . Every products of McAfee might have the similar features but what makes them differ from one another through unique license key code.

    For purchasing McAfee product via, follow the given steps carefully:

    • Go to
    • On the opening of the McAfee My Account page-
    • Choose Sign-in, if you’re already member of McAfee family
    • Choose Sign-up, if you wanted to become a new member of McAfee.
    • Choose the number of year(s) you wanted to subscribe it.
    • On the opening of McAfee payment page, choose your convenient payment method.
    • Congrats! You’re done with the purchasing.

    If you face any issue, related to purchasing McAfee activate products via online as well as offline mode. Kindly contact McAfee Customer Service Number to get technical support from the experts.

    How we Support:

    • Round the clock support
    • Satisfied customer base
    • Instant support by certified technicians
    • No Charge for 30 Minutes

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    McAfee Retail Card Activation- steps to download and install, activate your McAfee Product via McAfee activate. for more information Visit@: Are you facing the trouble to download, install and activate the McAfee product to the device? Follow the step wise procedure detailed here for successfully activating the McAfee subscription using the redeemed McAfee Activation License Key-code.


    • McAfee Live Safe
    • McAfee Virus Scan
    • McAfee Internet Security
    • McAfee Total Protection
    • McAfee TripAdvisor
    • McAfee Antivirus Plus

    How to get McAfee Retail Card Activation?

    Before getting the McAfee product on the device, the users should be ensured regarding the compatibility of their device with the McAfee product they want to install. Some of the minimum system requirements have been detailed below:

    • For Windows Device:
    1. Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 & 8, and Windows 7
    2. Hard Disk Space: More than 500 MB
    3. High Speed Internet Connection
    4. Web Browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox

    How we Support:

    Round the clock support

    Satisfied customer base

    Instant support by certified technicians

    No Charge for 30 Minutes

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    Download and install MS office 365 setup via via Online or offline mode. Keep your Office 365 setup activated for error-free use. Remote workers are among the users who leverage the productivity utilities by Office 365 setup. Since the organization has offered products for several categories, it has given an organized working platform for users of different fields to work on utilities they fit their need. The product sets by MS Office are office 365 setup for home, business, and education.


    Benefits of having activated Office setup:

    • Real-time editing
    • Co-authoring with multiple users of the same document
    • Auto-save feature
    • Easy to create a backup from Microsoft Office cloud memory
    • Freedom to work remotely
    • Cloud storage (Depending on the product and subscription plan)
    • Product migration/ upgrade
    • Adding comments to the users accessing the same document
    • Compatible with computers (different Operating Systems) and supported Smartphone

    How we Support:

    Round the clock support

    Satisfied customer base

    Instant support by certified technicians

    No Charge for 30 Minutes

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    If you have invested in Surface tab and want to optimize its usage, then you must connect it to a wireless network. A few people face issues while trying to connect their Surface tab to a wireless connection. If you haven’t set up a Set Up Surface To a Wireless Network on your Surface yet, or if you are facing issues with it, then read on to know more about it.


    Set Up Wireless Network On Surface |

    Here are the steps for joining a wireless network from Surface:

    1. Click on the Start button.
    2. After that, tap on Settings.
    3. In the Settings screen, tap on the network option.
    4. Now, you will be able to see which network the device is connected to, along with other available networks.
    5. After that, just select the network you want to connect the device to, from the list.
    6. Now, choose if you want the system to auto-connect every time that connection is in range.

    Set Up Manual Wireless Network On Surface

    1. Go to the home screen of the device.
    2. Now search for View network status in the search bar.
    3. Click on the Settings option.
    4. Below the results for settings, select the View network status and tasks button.
    5. Allow the Network and Sharing Center window to launch.
    6. In the Change your networking settings, click on Set up a new connection or network.

    If your wireless network is not showing up in the list of available networks, then it may be due to security reasons. Here is how you can set up a wireless network on Surface manually,

    Office 365 Outlook is designed with vast options of making your professional lives much sorted. You have the facility to create filters as per your ease. You can import/ export contacts, manage appointments. With an active account on Office 365 outlook login, you can access MS Outlook.


    Settings you need to do to see reminders over other programs or apps

    1. Log in to your account or directly login to your Outlook account
    2. Click File icon and go to Options
    3. Click Advanced > Reminders
    4. Under Reminders, you will see three checkbox

    You have successfully made the reminder settings. You will not see a reminder from now onward if you unmarked the checkbox. On the other hand, you will marked the box. You will not miss a single reminder.

    How we Support:

    Round the clock support

    Satisfied customer base

    Instant support by certified technicians

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