MyNav 600 neue Firmware Version

  • MyNav 600 neue Firmware Version


    RELEASE DATE: January 2011

    Software languages translation improvement

    RELEASE DATE: December 2010

    Track display customization: you can change colors and thickness. To access the customization settings, open a track in "consultation" mode, so to be shown on the map, then press the "[Blockierte Grafik:]" key and click on the name of the track to modify color and thickness.

    MN 700 Graphs
    MyNav 700 Bike Pro (with interoperability by ANT+) has available new graphs. They are based on processing data received from the speed sensors, cadence and heart rate (and recorded within tracks). For displaying the graphs press the button "graph" placed on map and then press the "arrow" to scroll through the various charts available.

    Now the user can add to the information provided from the graph even the precise time when those were recorded. In fact on the top of every graph screen (eg. speed or heart rate graphs, etc..) it is displayed a box, which shows the time changing according to each selected point of the graph.

    ZIP Code Search
    Improved destination search engine.
    Now the user can search a destination by entering the ZIP code (postal code) of the location.
    To find this research follow "Main Menu> Find Destination> Zip Code."

    POI Search
    When you look for a POI, the system displays a list of results in which the same POI may be repeated with different names, used to identified in different countries.

    Route - Road Block
    It adds the function "Road Block".
    If while navigating the user incurs an interruption in the route or simply a slowdown (for example due to roadworks, queues, events, accidents or whatever), he can indicate to the device the length of the route section which is impassable.
    This section will be highlighted in the map and the route will automatically be recalculated in order to avoid the block.
    To set a block access to "Main Menu> Route Planning> Road Block."

    Route - Speed Limits
    The visualization on map of speed limits while navigating has been enabled.
    The limits are displayed according to the road network traveled and are available for all road sections that have the given maximum speed (Navteq® Database).
    when a limit is exceeded, the indicator of "speed" placed in the map will automatically be colored red, prompting the user to slow down.
    To enable this warning, select "Speed Limit" from "Main Menu> Settings> Display Options> Indicators"

    Map - Map Menu
    During navigation, click on the Trip Computer data bar on map (placed at the bottom of the screen) to see the name of the street you are on.
    Click another time on the bar to display again the Trip Computer data.

    Map - Map Zoom
    The zoom level in the map has been increased.

    Coordinates - Reference Systems
    New formats of coordinates concerning the referral systems from the following countries Italy - Luxembourg - Australia has been added.

    Now available:

    [Blockierte Grafik:]

    Trip Computer
    New information for the Trip Computer are available: in particular, it has been added to the data indicating the direction of the waypoint and direction of the destination.
    Both figures are expressed using the cardinal reference points (North, South, West, East).
    For example, if in a route calculation the arrival is located on North - East, the Trip Computer will display the acronym "NE" in the box "Direction to the destination."

    Direction indicators
    Textual instruction based on points of the compass North, South, West, East have been implemented for all direction values.
    Altimeter Calibration
    In the window "GPS Status" where you can verify the reception of satellites and the height given by the GPS, it has been added a shortcut key to the configuration and calibration of the barometric altimeter.

    The language of the software can be set the first time starting the device, or after that, you can change it from "Main Menu> Settings> System> Language."

    New management of the GPS signal: the performances of the device have been improved, especially for outdoor navigation.
    It has been developed a new algorithm optimized for speed running extremely low.

    System - Time
    Starting the device, the time is updated automatically without waiting for the GPS fix.

  • Hallo Mark

    Ich habe das Update erfolgreich geladen,allerdings klappt bei mir die Zip-Code (Postleitzahlensuche) nicht,bzw.wo kann ich die Postleitzahl zur Suche eingeben?
    Im Hauptmenü - Suche kann ich bei Adressensuche nur Städtenamen eingeben ,bei Postleitzahlen wird nichts gefunden.

    viele Grüße Hans

  • Hallo,

    die PLZ-Suche funktioniert nur in den Karten die das auch unterstützen, so wie z.B. die Europa Straßen-Karte von Navteq.

    Versuche es doch mal in der Navteq Karte und gib mir dann hier beschied.