GPS reception and how to diagnose and/or fix issues?

  • HI,

    Recently, I picked up a cheap, refurbished, LTE-enabled 2013 Nexus 7 to use as a carputer/GPS/whatever. Having had the WiFi version of that same tablet since launch, it's a familiar tablet to me. When I received it I got it updated to Marshmallow (it still had 4.3 on it), and the next day installed a SIM for LTE connectivity. LTE is just fine; exactly as I'd expect with Ting (on T-Mobile's network) around here. That's not a problem.The problem is the GPS reception. Where it takes my Nexus 5X a couple seconds (at most) to lock onto a GPS signal, it regularly takes this Nexus 7 in the 10s of seconds. Once it gets a signal, it loses it pretty regularly, even when there's good line-of-sight to most of the sky. When it does hold onto that signal for a while, it regularly shows my location as ~50 yards east of where I actually am.Can anyone recommend a way to diagnose and/or fix the GPS issue? There's a park with an open field down the block from home. I think I'll take all of my Nexuses* down there and compare GPS accuracy all at the same time.
    (I've got my current 5X, my old 5, and both the WiFi and LTE versions of the 2013 Nexus 7.)

    Please help.

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