Garmin Portable Navigation Devices

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    I have now decided the traffic on my Garmin Nuvi 2569LMT-D WE is total pants or Very Mad I was in Belgium on Friday, stuck for 40 minutes around Antwerp with my system telling me there were no delays. After said 40 minutes, I was advised there were delays of up to 25 minutes!!! No sh*t Sherlock On the Sunday in Holland, there were road closures for roadworks (not temporary), again not picked up by the unit causing total confusion. On the way back, after being told there was a clear route, held up at Antwerp again. Today travelling to Bacup was given a clear route, even though stuck in the traffic. Notification finally came on, but there were other incidents today it also didn't pick up and I had to use Waze instead. This is a regular problem for me, but I have put up with it. It is coming to the time I think about buying another unit again and Garmin are the only ones who will offer me my POI support (with images), but I don't want to waste money on a unit with traffic as unreliable as it currently is. I am wondering what other peoples' experiences are of the Inrix via a cable on their systems

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