Does the CityXplorer addon works with Oregon 450T?

  • Hi folks,

    I have the City Navigator Map Europe 2011.10 on my Oregon 450T.

    Now I plan to travel to Barcelona and thought to buy the CityXplorer Addon.

    Does it bring me any benefits besides the the City Navigator map on the 450T? Like the advanced pedestrian mode and more POIs? Or does this feature not work on my 450T?

    It is difficult to find this informations on the Garmin pages.

    Thanks for any help and have a nice weekend

  • Hello liane333,

    sorry, the GARMIN compatibility list says that the addon only works with some nüvi devices. Maybe it runs on an OR 450t too?


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  • The City Xplorer Maps are mostly City Navigator Maps with additional POI, pedestrian paths and some tourist informations.

    It is a good add-on and will work on the Oregon too. But if you already use the full CN-Maps, most of it´s benefit is because of more poi-entrys.

    You better get a printed travel guide and use this together with the CN-Map.

    For many POIs you can also get a OSM-Map for Barcelona.

    Get the "ES-Barcelona" map tile.